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Aladdin and


the Magic lamp









Aladdin was a young gentleman. His father died when he was young, so his mother took care of him. One day, a white-bearded old man entered their house and said to the mother: "I am your husband brother, don't you know me? I left this country a long time ago". Really, he was a wicked wizard.

        Next day, the old man took Aladdin to a desert and asked  him to gather dry branches and make a great fire. Aladdin did what the old man told him and put the branches on a long flat stone, then the old man cast magic powder on the flames and uttered unknown words.

Then, fearful noise was heard, the stone was broken and a deep hole appeared in the ground.

Aladdin was suprised! He wanted to run away, but the old man caught him and said: "Take this ring; it will guard you against evil spirits that live in this cave. When you reach its end, you will find an oil lamp. Bring it soon to me".


Aladdin began to walk carefully and reached the bottom of the leadder. He was greatly surprised when he saw lots of gold and jewels at the end of the cave. He looked at this wealth, filled his pockets with gold and jewels, then found the lamp and put it on his waist.

When he climbed the ladder to go out, the old man was waiting for him anxiously.

When the old man saw aladdin, he asked:" Where is the lamp? Where is the lamp?" Aladdin said: ''Help me to go out of the cave". The wizard became angry and struck him with a stick and blocked the cave.


Aladdin was afraid, turned his back and went down asking himself: how can he get out of the cave. He moved the ring round his finger; a good genie soon appeared and said: "Don't fear my boy; I am the genie of the ring. What do you want? Speak". Aladdin answered: "I want to go back home: with this box of gold to my mother and this lamp; because our lamp is very old".

After one moment, Aladdin was home. He told his mother about his strange adventure; his mother wept joyfully when she saw such wealth in front of her. In the evening, Aladdin wanted to clean the lamp. When he rubbed it, a genie got out of it saying: "Your servant within your hands. What do you want? Speak! I am the servant of this lamp".

Aladdin said to the genie: "Oh, servant of the lamp. We are hungry. Get us some dekicious food".

The food was soon ready. By the help of the genie of the lamp, Aladdin became very rich, and built a fine palace. As soon as he lived in this palace, he asked to marry the Sultan's daughter. The Sultan was pleased to marry his daughter "Badr El Budour" to Aladdin.

All the people of the palace loved Aladdin. His wife "Badr El Budour" was happy to be with her husband. After some yearsthe sultan charged Aladdin with a mission of an embassy; Aladdin left his wife and went to a far country.

The old wizard knew that Aladdin became rich, so he seizad the opportunity of his absence and entered his palace. He soon knew the fact that the magic lamp is in Aladdin's palace. He then pretended to be a wandering seller, and cried: "who wants to exchange his old lamps with new ones?" Badr El Budour was simple, so she gave him Aladdin's lamp and took a new lamp more beautiful and shinny instead. Soon, the old man rubbed the lamp and ordered the genie of the lamp to move Aladdin's palace with its dewellers to the desert.

When Aladdin came back home, he was surprised at the disappearing of his palace and at the Sultan's anger. So, he moved the ring around his finger and asked the genie to fly away seeking his wife and palace. As he finished, he was soon in the desert in front of his palace. Aladdin entered the palace, found the lamp, rubbed it and ordered its genie saying: "Oh, genie! kill this evil wizard, and return us to our country".

When the Sultan saw his daughter, he was very happy. Aladdin lived with his wife, Badr El budour, happily ans safely throughout their futur life.